I am shapeshifting being known as Steve. My work comprises a series of moments of awakening, cultivated inwardly, and channeled back out to the world in the form of creative projects.
The first moment hit me at a young age, experiencing a series of isolating physical ailments. Holed up in my bedroom, I dove into the sprawling world of dial-up internet, web development, and communities of anonymous digital makers. My claim to internet stardom became the creation of the second-most-trafficked Family Guy fan site. It was an early lesson in taking continuous small steps toward manifesting my own reality.
Many pivotal moments followed. Witnessing how design can uplift lives. Working with indigenous communities of makers. Managing chronic health conditions. Stepping into my queer identity. Journeying through psychedelic realms. Sparking bodily awakenings. Finding peace in nature. Listening deeply in silence.
Today I dedicate myself in service of a vision for the more-than-human world grounded in interdependence and the flourishing of diversity. I can see a future, not far off, of awakening for all beings.
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