Social Computing

Social Computing




How can computers support healthy collaboration among diverse groups of people?

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The Social Computing Group at IBM Research designs computational systems around the way people work, live, and play. Founded in 1998, the group played a pivotal role in early research combining social and computer sciences.

Through my participation in the Social Computing Group, I contributed to a paper on use of SMS for health education in Uganda, proposed a research lab in Nairobi, designed and patented a user interface for Watson-powered clinical decision support, created and published a paper on a platform for enterprise crowdfunding of grassroots projects, and designed a Smarter City user interface for the city of Dubuque, Iowa. Through this work, I was awarded IBM's Outstanding Innovation Award two years in a row.

I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to contribute to such high-impact and large-scale projects early in my career through pioneering mentors like Dr. Wendy Kellogg. These projects shaped my understanding of how people interact and how to investigate their dynamics.

While at IBM Research, I co-authored papers on mobile phones for health education and enterprise crowdfunding.