If we understood the world as a living whole, what potential might we unlock?

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Spherical is a strategic design and integrative research studio supporting projects regenerating the health and integrity of Earth’s living systems. We help clients understand the potential of living systems by perceiving hidden dynamics and rehearsing possibilities.

Currently, my work focuses on whole systems approaches to watershed health in the Los Angeles Basin. We are developing visualization and simulation tools to help government agencies and community-based organizations collaborate to build pipelines of community-driven projects for climate resilience. The insights and projects generated from this process will guide the spending of county infrastructure programs investing $400 million per year. Our approach allows stakeholders to understand the Los Angeles Basin as a living, ecological system, multi-solving for benefits across dimensions, such as water quality and security, heat index, air quality, community value, and jobs.

Watch our video visualizing a living systems approach to climate resilience in Los Angeles.