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What if doctors earned more for making their patients healthier? What would our healthcare system look like?

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Able Health is a software-as-a-service application that helps healthcare providers earn payments from insurance companies that are tied to their quality of care and patient health outcomes. By monitoring clinical quality measures and submitting performance results to insurance companies, we have helped our customers improve health outcomes for millions of patients while earning additional revenue. Able Health was acquired by Health Catalyst in 2020 and continues to deepen its impact in the healthcare delivery system.

My journey to Able Health began with a chronic condition in my mid-20s—one that forced me to interact with dozens of healthcare providers, restrict diet and travel to a minimum, and rethink my career. Having little luck with the institutional medical system, I grew disheartened by the options available to patients with chronic conditions. My epiphany came from learning of new experiments that tied physician payments to patient health outcomes—and the enormous administrative burden associated with monitoring and filing reports. I dove headfirst into making healthcare payments work for patients like me.

I co-founded Able Health in 2015 with a process rooted in design thinking, customer empathy, and agile software development. My role initially encompassed a scrappy combination of product management, UX and visual design, software engineering, marketing, and customer success. As the company grew, I evolved into a CTO leadership role. By the time of the acquisition by Health Catalyst, Able Health managed clinical quality and regulatory compliance for tens of thousands of clinicians and tens of millions of patients.

Throughout the company's life, we focused deeply on team culture, maintaining and practicing a collective culture guide, which was featured in the book Great Mondays.

In the early stages of founding Able Health, I documented a vision for an empathic healthcare system and solicited input from seasoned healthcare designers.